Ocean Challenge Live!

Come on board the 2016 Ocean Challenge Live!


Photo Credit: B. Gergaud | sitesalive.com

Bring your students on board this exciting 15-week program that engages K-12 students in a real-life adventure focusing on science, math, geography and history! To find out more download the Teacher’s Guide.

Vendée Globe 2016 around-the-world-race from November 2016-February 2017 and will offer teachers and students access to the following:

  • 64- page Teacher’s Guide, written by teachers focusing on Science, Math, Geography and History all correlated to the Common Core and includes:
    • 15 weekly classroom activities
    • 15 current event activities
    • 10 team projects
  • Weekly Features, written by Skipper Rich Wilson offshore and a team of experts onshore
  • Online content: Ship’s Log, Audio, Q&A, Essays, Photos, and Videos (links to these resources)
  • Global Discussions that will allow students to comment and interact with peers globally.


Each week this site will be updated with the weekly lesson and essay based on the weekly theme. As well, teachers will also receive weekly emails with this information.


Teacher Guide & Common Core Correlation: Includes 15 weekly classroom activities, current event exercises and 10 team projects.


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Weekly Features (updated every week, current week highlighted in RED)

Extra Week: Getting Ready to Go (Teacher Guide)

Week 1: Following Your Dreams (Teacher Guide and Essay)

Week 2: Marine Transportation (Teacher Guide and Essay)

Week 3: Equator Crossing (Teacher Guide and Essay)

Week 4: Environment: Water (Teacher Guide and Essay)

Week 5: Invisible Places (Teacher Guide and Essay)

Week 6: Antarctica (Teacher Guide and Essay)

Week 7: Climate Change (Teacher Guide and Essay)

Week 8: Turning Points (Teacher Guide and Essay)

Week 9: Wildlife (Teacher Guide and Essay)

Week 10: Decision Making (Teacher Guide and Essay)

Week 11: Forces of Nature (Teacher Guide and Essay)

Week 12: Fisheries Depletion (Teacher Guide and Essay)

Week 13: Teamwork & Perseverance (Teacher Guide and Essay)

Week 14: What I’ll Miss (Teacher Guide and Essay)

>>Week 15: Defining Success (Teacher Guide and Essay)<<


Quick Links

Podcasts & Positions

Ship’s Log

Curriculum & Essays

Photo Galleries

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We hope that you and your students join us on this educational adventure! Please sign up below to let us know that you and your class will be participating. 

Thank you to SitesAlive! for providing this program to NIE and to our sponsors.

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