Curriculum Enhancement from Newspapers in Education Institute 

From the Newspaper in Education Institute, expand your curriculum with more than 300 instructional resources are provided including many high-quality teacher guides, serial stories, student supplements, character education materials, numerous subject-specific resources and video & audio teacher training modules.

These resources address the goals of ‘No Child Left Behind’ and the research-and-standards-based curriculum focus of schools and teachers. There are curriculum materials for every subject area and grade level. Resources are listed on the website with brief descriptions. Click on any resource to access it. All resources may be copied for classroom use or for homework assignments.

Click here for the full site, or browse the student supplements listed by topic below:


Core Curriculum

Language Arts & Literacy

Science, Tech, Environment & Math (STEM)

Social Studies, Gov’t, Civics Supplements

Social Studies, Gov’t, Civics Teacher Guides

Elementary & Middles School Multi-Curricular

Elementary Supplements



Curriculum Expanded

Art & Music

Calendar with Daily Lesson

Critical Thinking Skills & Gifted

ESL & Spanish Bilingual

Financial Literacy

First Amendment

General Educational Development


Media Literacy

Multiple Intelligences


Study Skills & College Prep

You Name It/Misc


Anti-Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Awareness

Anti-Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Awareness


Career & Lifeskills


Life Skills

Financial Literacy


Character Education, Bullying & Online Safety


Character Education

Online Safety



Black History

Diversity & Multicultural

Hispanic Heritage



Health & Safety

Nutrition, Heath & Fitness