2016 Presidential Election Resources


With the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election on Tuesday, November 8, we are pleased to provide teachers with these valuable NIE teaching resources.

Electing the President

Special Supplement, click on image to download

With this supplement, students will learn about all aspect of elections as require by state standards. State standards usually include:

  • Explain what an election is
  • Describe, explain and evaluate the election process including Voter Registration, Primaries & Caucuses, Party Conventions, General Elections, and the Electoral College.
  • Describe, analyze, and evaluate the role of the press in political life/elections in the U.S.
  • Explain the role of the media in setting the public agenda.

Includes many other social studies, civics and government standards By The League of Women Voters.

How to Become President of the United States

Poster, click on image do download


Use this colorful, and informative Kids.gov poster to help kids understand the process of becoming President of the United States.






Election Primary

Special publication, click on image to download



This is a special NIE publication for use in primary & elementary grade levels in learning the basics of the election process and getting to know the candidates.  By Ann West




Election Links


Partner Links

KidsVotingUSA.org – helps youth experience voting

NationalMockElection.org – National Student/Parent Mock Election

LWV.org & smartvoter.org – League of Women Voters

LWV.org/our-work/registering-voters.org – LWV High School Registration Program

VOTE411.org – All the information needed to participate in elections from LWV


Election Links

C_SPAN.org/campaign2016 – Information on 2016 Campaign

Debates.org – Commission on Presidential Debates

Electoral-Vote.com – Updates possible electoral vote count based on recent polling

FactCheck.org – Checks accuracy of political ads & allegations

FEC.goc – Federal Election Commission: Regulates campaign finance

OpenSecrets.org – Center for Responsive Politics: Money in U.S. Elections

PollingReport.com – Polling trends in American public opinion

RockTheVote.org – Make decisions, shape our future

VoteFair.org – One ballot mark is not enough for fair results

VoteSmart.org – The voter’s self-defense system