What is the e-Edition?

The electronic edition, also called the “e-Edition,” is an exact replica of the print edition, except in an easy-to-read digital format. The e-Edition is laid out just like the print edition of the paper; it includes the same news, photographs and illustrations.

How do I use the e-Edition in my class with only one computer available?

Online content can be shared with your students in the classroom via a SmartBoard or LCD projector, which requires access to only one computer.

How do I find time in an already busy classroom schedule to use the e-Edition program?

The e-Edition is a destination point that simply replaces the printed version. It is more functional and user-friendly by allowing you to search, highlight, zoom, e-mail, save, print and distribute as many copies as necessary. On your computer, tablet and smartphone, you have access to 14-day back issues, allowing you and your students access to use the newspaper as your personal and classroom schedules allow.

How do I access the e-Edition?

You and your students can access the e-Edition on any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It’s easy, after you sign up, just go to the log in page, enter your email address and password (you selected), then click on Read Today’s Paper and the e-Edition newspaper will open. For students, they will log in separately with the class username and password you set up.

Is there a video or tutorial that shows how to navigate the e-Edition?

We have a two-minute video that shows new readers how to navigate the e-Edition. Click here to watch the video.

Can I read the e-Edition from any computer, or just computers at school?

In case you want to give your students a homework assignment that requires a newspaper, it is okay for your students to login from their home computers, laptops and tablets or at public computer labs and library facilities. Have them follow the same instructions in the previous answer.

Do I need special software when viewing the e-Edition?

All you need is Internet access and a web browser. No download is required and there is no special software necessary. The e-Edition works best with high-speed Internet connections, but it is also easily accessible with a dial-up modem connection.

Are there any administrative procedures that I need to follow after I start receiving access to e-Edition?

You will be notified once a year to complete and return a verification form, indicating that your ordered and are using the e-Edition for educational purposes. These forms are required for our auditing purposes.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Please contact Sheila at (916) 321-1784 or nie@sacbee.com for more help.


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